School Ledger

School Ledger - Report System w/Accounts Payable


School Ledger-Report System with School Accounts Payable is an internal funding account software program that a school district can use to track its various internal funds.  From student activity funds to athletic or faculty funds, School Ledger-Report System has been trusted by countless school financial professionals since its introduction in 1986.

School Accounts Payable is a companion to School Ledger-Report System.  It adds a full encumbrance accounting and checkbook management system to the general ledger functions of School Ledger.

Published by our subsidiary, Heritage Administrative Systems, School Ledger-Report System/School Accounts Payable is one of the most respected school fund accounting applications on the market today.  Trusted by countless school financial professionals since its introduction in 1986, School Ledger helps manage all kinds of in-school financial accounts.  From student activity funds to athletic or faculty funds, School Ledger-Report System and its companion School Accounts Payable always offer the very best in feature-rich, affordable fund accounting software.

The newest edition of this time-tested applications offers the solid reliability schools expect from School Ledger along with unparalleled ease-of-use.

Consider School Ledger for District-Wide Implementation

School Ledger and School Accounts Payable are perfect for districts with site-based management of in-school funds but require district-level administrators to monitor and audit each school.

Our staff works closely with district-level auditors and staff to ensure that each school receives the attention it deserves while maintaining an open, effective line of communication to the district office.  This ensures that concerns at an individual school may be addresed long before audit time arrives.

School Accounts Payable Features


  • Easy to use check-writer
  • Check writing and ledger posting originates from a single entry point
  • Allows manual or computer-generated checks
  • Supports purchase orders and encumbrance tracking
  • Provides an excellent, interactive electronic check register
  • Easy to use bank reconciliation function
  • Prints receipts and automatically posts them to the general ledger and checkbook
  • Provides school-based computation of vendor 1099 totals
  • Supports electronic fund transfers and debit cards


  • Up to 50 account splits per multi-account check
  • Up to 50 lines per purchase order
  • Checks may be printed on laser printers or dot matrix
  • Virtually unlimited number of open purchase orders
  • Unlimited number of transactions per month
  • Uses the chart of accounts defined in School Ledger


  • Checkbook register
  • Encumbrance summary - lists funds encumbered and available amounts by ledger account
  • Purchase order summary - lists open purchase orders and details about encumbrances
  • Detailed purchase order report - shows all information about each purchase order
  • Outstanding check report
  • Formal reconciliation report
  • Vendor 1099 tracking report

Free Trial Version

A free, thirty-day trial version of School Ledger-Report System and School Accounts Payable is available for download.  If you prefer, you may contact us to have a CD mailed to your school address.


School Ledger and School Accounts Payable carry a retail price of $495 each.

For a limited time you may purchase School Ledger for only $299 or both School Ledger and School Accounts Payable together for only $495.  Please contact us for reduced pricing on upgrades, small school incentives and district-wide implementations.