Lighthouse - Transcript

A History of Your Students' Success

The transcript function of Lighthouse is one of the simplest parts of the system but clearly one of the most important.

How does it work?

The transcript function automatically acquires the courses and grades from each credit-bearing marking period on the report card.  This information stays on the transcript at year-end when the "old" year's data is purged.  For transfer students, the system has a keyboard entry facility through which you can add in their historical data from the previous school.  If you are new to administrative computing, you may also use the keyboard entry system to input historical data for your upperclassmen.

So... it sounds like the transcript function is a simple storage-and-retrieval system?  To a certain extent that is true.  However, when we consider that this is where GPA's and class rank are calculated then the transcript function brings a little more meaning to our empty lives.

In days of yore, there was a lot of "copying and posting" required during the school year to see that the correct information was added to the historical transcript.  If a grade was changed in Semester 1 after you had posted transcript data - you guessed it! - the user had to edit the grade both on the report card and on the transcript. 

Lighthouse changes this because the transcript function is always talking to the report card function. Every credit-bearing marking period is automatically included on the transcript.  Throughout the year, the transcript for the current year simply reflects what's on the students' report cards.  If you change a report card grade, the transcript data for that grade changes too.  At the end of the school year, the connection is severed when the report cards are purged - then the grades become part of the students' "permanent record".  Naturally, you can continue to edit historical transcript data but prior year's grades stand alone in the transcript.

Transcript Highlights:

  • Automatically includes on the transcript grades from any of the report cards' credit-bearing marking periods
  • No "copying" or "posting" is needed - the transcript function acquires current grades on its own without user intervention
  • Permits manual entry of historical data not already in your computer or for transfer students
  • Retrieves single transcripts easily either for viewing or for printed output
  • Computes cumulative GPA, class rank and class size
  • GPA's are automatically updated as changes are made to the transcript
  • Prints grade distribution, grade search, and graduation credit reports
  • Prints individual semesters on labels for use with manual permanent record cards
  • Allows inclusion of demographic data fields as part of the transcript