Lighthouse - Teacher Access


A cornerstone of Surfside Lighthouse is the built-in "teacher access" functionality. This feature allows your teachers to access student data over your school-wide local area network.  Depending upon what level of access privileges you grant to your teachers, they may perform varying levels of data lookup and data entry for students in their classes.

School-wide networking should have rendered the old "scan sheet" method of data collection obsolete.  However, some publishers still have a death-grip on scan sheets.  Could that be because they sell the scan sheets or maybe even the scanners?  Think about it!

Lighthouse believes in putting as much power on the teachers' desks as you care to provide.  Our teacher classroom access system gives you wide latitude in how much you allow your teachers to see and do.  You can install a "teacher access client" on each computer available for teacher use.  As part of your teacher definitions in Lighthouse you may assign a user name and password to each teacher at the same time that you assign what each teacher's access privileges will be.  Teachers can launch the teacher access client application, log in and then perform whatever tasks you have established for their account.

Attendance Entry

Teachers may use the teacher access client to enter daily attendance for students assigned to their classroom at the period when attendance is taken.  The teacher is shown a roster of her students and may indicate those who are absent, tardy...etc.

When the teacher is satisfied with her work, she may submit it to the office along with an optional note.

Surfside Lighthouse also supports the entry of class attendance.  A teacher may retrieve the roster for any course section to which she is assigned, indicate which students did not show up for class and submit the data to the office.

Review Student Information

Surfside Lighthouse's teacher access application makes it possible for a teacher to view a student's basic information (i.e. demographic data), his report card, schedule, progress report, attendance, discipline and transcript.

How much of this data a teacher is able to view depends entirely upon what level of access the office grants to a particular teacher's security account.

Grade Entry for Report Cards

Probably the single most useful function of Lighthouse's teacher access application is where it provides teachers with an opportunity to enter their report card data over your school's network.

No longer must your staff shuffle scan-forms, grade sheets or spend time duplicating and distributing "teacher disks".  All teacher grade entry can be activated, tracked and de-activated through Lighthouse's teacher access management functions.

Lighthouse lets teachers enter much more than just a grade for each student.  Depending on how you have set up your report card definitions, teachers can enter a grade, effort descriptor, conduct descriptor, class attendance, any number of office-defined comments plus a unique anecdotal comment for each student grade entry.  That's a lot of information to send home to parents!

Interim Progress Report Data

Just as with report card data, Lighthouse's teacher access application permits teacher entry of interim progress report data.

Offering management control similar to the report card function, "teacher access" will help make progress report time a more orderly experience for your school.

Lighthouse prints interim progress reports for each student whose teachers have entered progress report information.