Lighthouse - Schedule

Master Scheduling Made Better

First of all, let's say this right up front - Surfside Lighthouse generates a master schedule. 

Now let's say it a different way.  Lighthouse doesn't help you build a master schedule.  It doesn't prepare statistics to tell you about optimal periods at which to place courses.  It doesn't make you place courses on a grid and then see the effect of your action.  It doesn't require you to pay extra to generate a master schedule.  It doesn't promise you master schedule generation in the future. 

Okay... let's say it again - in bold, italic type this time Surfside Lighthouse generates a master schedule.

Our master scheduling software has always generated a master schedule.  From the 1981 edition of The Classifier running on a Commodore PET, to TRS-80 and Apple II versions of Classifier and Classifier II, to every single edition of our venerable Surfside Solution family of products - every scheduler we have ever published generates a master schedule

Don't be mislead by other companies' half-baked attempts at scheduling.  We publish the best master scheduling software in the industry.  Always have! Always will!

How does it work?

Scheduling with Surfside Lighthouse has never been easier.  Simply said, you tell the program what courses you will offer, you list which courses each student wants to take, you enter known teacher assignments, you enter any special constraints that you think the master schedule generator should consider, you press the "Build" button and watch the program generate the master schedule.

Is the process more sophisticated than that?  Of course it is - but not much more complicated.  Certainly if you forget a constraint the schedule generator won't consider it.  But if that happens Lighthouse makes it easy for you to fine tune the schedule or even to alter many constraints and have it re-generate the schedule.

For those familiar with our product line, we are pleased to say that Lighthouse uses the master scheduling engine from Classifier, arguably the most sophsticated master scheduler available today.  We offer very sophisticated scheduling capabilities in a distinctly intuitive setting.

Master Schedule Functions

  • Virtually unlimited number of cycles (days of the week), blocks (semesters) and periods in the day
  • A "build management" system that allows you to try "what-if" scenerios without affecting the "live" schedule.
  • Course constraint capability that allows you to restrict a course to meet at a particular period or block, or to be kept from a specific period or block.
  • Up to ten levels of schedule priority for each course - so that "Subterranean Beekeeping" does not create a conflict that keeps a student from taking "AP Chemistry"
  • Courses may meet over multiple periods, if necessary
  • Courses may be linked together and moved by the master scheduler as a unit (i.e. "Chemistry" and "Chem. Lab")
  • "Slider controls" are available to give you complete control over how much consideration the schedule generator gives to certain characteristics of the schedule as the master schedule is cast.  For example, you could tell the schedule engine to pay more attention to balancing the number of sections at each period than to balancing each section by gender or year of graduation.
  • Blocks, cycles and periods can all be named by the user
  • Teacher and room constraints are automatically considered as the master schedule is cast.

Schedule Reports and General Features

  • Lighthouse provides fully interactive class rosters, conflict matrix, master schedule and period usage screens.
  • It prints student schedules (Have you seen a school scheduler that doesn't?
  • It prints class rosters (Again, do you know of a program that doesn't print rosters?)
  • Lighthouse publishes student locator reports, teacher lists, room lists, teacher locator reports and room usage reports
  • The scheduler produces routine "housekeeping" reports such as student lists, lists of students with insufficient courses requests, students with incomplete schedules, master schedule, master course list and period usage reports.
  • Lighthouse locates a student quickly with the "where is" function
  • It provides interactive teacher and room lists with "quick roster" views
  • The centralized course and student screen provides seamless access to all elements of your student data
  • The program offers user customization of all reports, including font, colors and wording
  • It maintains a log of all user actions and provides a history of these actions that may be viewed at any time
  • And many, many more...