Lighthouse - Discipline

The best discipline software just got better!

As the Lighthouse master scheduler builds on the heritage of The Classifier family of master schedulers, so too does the discipline function build on the legacy of our revolutionary Enforcer series of discipline management software.  The Surfside Lighthouse offers our most extensive collection of discipline reports and more detail about each incident than ever before.

How does it work?

First you define some of the more common offenses that kids commit and the actions you prescribe to remedy those situations.  When a child is referred to the office, an administrator specifies what the kid did, what punishment was administered and adds any anecdotal comments she might deem appropriate.  Specifically, Lighthouse tracks each discipline incident with the following data elements:

  • Date of infraction
  • Time of infraction
  • Teacher involved
  • Administrator involved
  • Location of infraction
  • Offense committed
  • Punishment action prescribed
  • Date of action
  • Follow-up date

In addition to the data elements above, each incident report may be accompanied by an anecdotal comment of unlimited length.

It is not required that you enter data in all of the "incident report" fields.  You need only use those that are appropriate for your purposes.

Features of the Discipline Function Include:

  • Tracks discipline incidents by date, time, teacher, administrator, location, offense, action, action date and follow-up date
  • Accepts an anecdotal comment of unlimited length for each incident report
  • Accepts an unlimited number of discipline events over the course of a school year
  • Supports an unlimited number of user-defined offense descriptors
  • Utilizes an unlimited number of user-defined punishment actions
  • Allows users to specify which actions carry detention, in-school suspension or out-of-school suspension consequences
  • Displays and prints a cumulative discipline history for any student during the current school year
  • Allows discipline records to be viewed or edited at any time
  • Prints a list of incidents for any particular day or for a range of days in the school year
  • Supports a demerit system based on punishment actions
  • Permits a follow-up date for any incident - when follow-up dates are utilized, an administrator can pull up a list of all the students who need to be seen for a followup on a particular day or days
  • Provides a separate "action date" if the user so specifies - this is useful in assigning in-school suspension, detentions...etc.
  • Prints analyses of offenses and actions by teacher, administrator, offense/action, race, class, gender, race/gender and location
  • Computes action distribution by offense and vice versa to demonstrate the consistency of how your school applies its discipline policy
  • Searches for chronic offenders... so you can give them an award?
  • Searches for students who have received the same punishment action a critical number of times... perhaps so you can think up something more creative
  • Compiles reports by "discipline groups" - Did you ever want to track groups of kids who get in trouble together?  The discipline groups function can help!  It allows you to define a group of students involved in a particular incident and then assigns that "group" to the record of every single student involved in that incident.  This is especially useful in documenting long-term misbehavior by a certain group.

Discipline Messaging System

Lighthouse boasts a very powerful “discipline messaging system” that lets teachers submit discipline referrals electronically and also receive feedback on how the referral was resolved.

That’s right – No more paper discipline referrals being carried around your building by student errand-runners! You will be able to receive teacher discipline referrals, review them and respond to each one while documenting the entire process right from within Surfside Lighthouse.