Lighthouse - Attendance

Comprehensive Attendance Management

The attendance function of The Surfside Lighthouse provides an efficient system to manage your school's daily attendance and class attendance.  Its clean, crisp user interface and powerful report functions allow administrators to track virtually any aspect of student attendance.  From individual student profiles to analysis of school-wide attendance trends, Lighthouse provides a better way to manage your attendance files.

How does it work?

First you define your attendance categories (i.e. Category-Absent/Sub-Category-Ill) and lay out your school calendar.  On any school day a teacher may go to any computer connected to your network, log in on Lighthouse's teacher access client, view one of her class rosters and mark any students who are not present.  This information is available to the office right away.  The office also may enter attendance or over-ride the information entered by the teachers.  When you're ready to build attendance summaries, you point your mouse at the Reports menu, go to Attendance and proceed to publish whichever reports are required at that time.

In this era of No Child Left Behind (NCLB), many states require that you aggregate attendance according to certain demographic factors at each level - by ethnicity, gender, disability status, migrant status, English proficiency, and economically disadvantaged.  Surfside Lighthouse can calculate those numbers for you.  It has extensive export capabilities which are useful in building files for electronic submission to reporting authorities.

Lighthouse offers one of the most comprehensive, flexible attendance systems available anywhere.  Through options available in building your attendance category list, the attendance system is so flexible that it will suit the needs of practically every school.

The first attendance software in our line was The Officer, published in 1982.  From there we moved through The Inspector and The Inspector II - followed by no fewer than twelve generations of upgrades in the Surfside Solution series.  We are one of the most experienced publishers of school attendance software.  Our applications are designed for ease-of-use with maximum flexibility of reporting. 

Many of the features other publishers proclaim as "new and improved" have been part of our attendance software for decades.  We are happy that they finally "Saw the Light."  (...kind of like "the deer in the headlights"?)

Attendance Features Include:

  • Virtually unlimited number of user-defined attendance categories and sub-categories
  • An anecdotal comment may be attached to every single daily attendance entry, if you wish.  This is especially useful when you want to record that a student was "dismissed at 11:13 to her mother".
  • Lighthouse supports a full, twelve-month school year
  • Tracks both daily attendance and class attendance
  • Summaries may be computed for any desired range of dates
  • Administrators can search for excessive times in category and see detailed data about each occurrence.  For example, if you want to view all the students who were tardy more than five times in the last two weeks, you can obtain the report and also see the excuses and "office notes" for each time the child was tardy.
  • Perfect attendance lists may be computed at any time
  • A student's entire daily attendance record may be viewed and edited on one central screen
  • Attendance status for a selected group of students may be updated globally - this can be especially useful on "senior skip day"
  • Attendance may be entered at the office or by teachers in their classrooms using the teacher access client
  • Attendance may be entered by multiple users at the same time
  • Surfside Lighthouse supports a virtually unlimited number of attendance categories and sub-categories.  This enables you to configure the system to virtually any attendance reporting system. 
  • Each attendance category/sub-category has over ten characteristics you may define (i.e. "present value", "watched status" for absence lists, authorizes/de-authorizes teachers from assigning the status...etc.)